Aligning executive strategy with tactical operations and supply chain management

About PSS

Since 2001, Process & Strategy has been assisting businesses of all sizes, local governments, academic institutions, and non-profits to optimize their internal processes, align strategy with organizational goals and initiatives, innovate processes and procedures, and increase top and bottom line performance. Instead of forcing customers into a "one-size-fits-all" formula, Process & Strategy customizes the tool set it uses to best fit each customer's unique requirements.

Our President, Dr. Cynthia Kalina-Kaminsky, has over 26 years of operations based process experience. Her work resulted in a request to provide a project overview of a bilateral Indian-U.S. business project to the White House for the President's 2010 visit to India.It also includes creating and implementing a Phase I regional strategy for the North Texas region based on collaboration between universities, municipalities, economic development corporations, incubators and accelerators, chambers of commerce, non-profits, entities focused on women and minorities, and all sizes of for-profit entities (large multi-nationals to small, local niche players) - the strategy was presented to the EDA in June.

Process & Strategy has

We can help you meet your challenges with business assessment, process innovation, integration of executive strategy throughout the entire organization, organizational change, organizational design, improved communication, conflict resolution, and customized training to support the changes. Process & Strategy customers results include streamlined operations as well as improved and added revenue streams.

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