Aligning executive strategy with tactical operations and supply chain management


The only way to get your organization to successfully compete is through careful alignment. This begins with solid strategy, ties directly to your vision, and relies on your cultural statement to provide the boundary conditions for action.

Strategy has changed.

It must provide the foundation for future change without knowing what that change will be.

It must be meaningful to those who work with you and differentiate you from your competitors. The choice is no longer between which product or service to buy, for customers, it’s between which company you want to do business with.

Your strategy provides that difference. Is it what you need it to be?

Is it attracting the customers you want?

Have you effectively linked the major pieces of executive strategy together in a cross functional manner?

These pieces are not what they used to be. They’re more and they are critical to your competitive advantage. They don’t go on the wall to be forgotten, they live in your day to day decisions. They are compared against your day to day activity (if you don’t do it, your customers will). They are your competitive advantage.

Your strategy must outline the major, cross functional, modular strategic pieces that will guide your company. Each year has a different thrust that builds on the last year’s strategy. Communication of the entire strategy and this year’s focus must be ongoing and consistent across all functional areas so that everyone understands the strategy and how they each fit into the value proposition in the same way.

Your cultural statement is a living document that tells the world, and your potential hires, who you are. It guides your professional development. It becomes the boundary conditions for what is acceptable and who we are. It cannot be separated from the strategic plan.

Are you using all three pieces to their full advantage?

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