Aligning executive strategy with tactical operations and supply chain management

Flexibility and agility

They stem from solid strategy and are enhanced with proper metrics. As we all know, what you measure is what you get. If it is flexibility and agility, have you created your processes to deliver on metrics that meet your flexibility and agility needs?

Flexibility and agility are enabled when everyone knows what needs to happen when and in the instances when customization must occur, how it will affect the organization.

Once you know where the flexibility and agility need to be positioned within your supply chains and offerings, detail out the metrics and measurements first so that everyone knows what must be accomplished. Don’t wait until the project is over to provide executive insight into what is acceptable.

Flexibility and agility are enhanced when strategic boundary conditions are known and in place. The boundary conditions guide your tactical and operational activity and decision making.

Set the project on the road to success early by providing insight into exactly what you want.

Establish a hierarchy of metrics to quickly analyze the success of a new initiative and what is happening when things don’t go right. Choose to track only the metrics you need to track organizational health. Keep the others in your organization’s hip pocket to pull out at a moment’s notice when needed.

Need help teasing out what should be measured, how to organize it, and how meaningful metrics can be placed in a hierarchy to help you keep tabs on the business?

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