Aligning executive strategy with tactical operations and supply chain management


…it’s not just for product designers anymore.

To compete in today’s marketplace, innovation must occur at all levels, within all functional areas, across all functional areas, and within your processes. Cross functional activity and linkages are more important than ever due to the requirements for alignment, flexibility, and adaptability.

How you set up your infrastructure to allow your employees to provide value to your customers is critical to your growth. Make it easy for potential and existing customers to spend money with you. Innovate to:

Customers are tired due to the workload required during the recent economic downturns. Provide excellent customer service to them with one phone call that provides fast answers due to easy to use IT infrastructure.

Make sure everyone in the company has the knowledge they need, how they need it, when they need it – mobily, in the cloud, and embedded in infrastructure so that you no longer rely on “tribal knowledge” or have to get a specific decision repeatedly from one special person.

Integrate your employees tactical suggestions, which come from the training and education you required them to have when you hired them, into your strategy development. Broaden the suggestions into actual, cross-functional strategy and then let them develop the supporting elements.

Responsiveness is critical and must be designed for beginning with strategic design, not just hoped for.

Figure out what the end result should look like before you begin developing the solution set. Integrate marketing’s knowledge of the customer base, sales knowledge of what customers continue to look for and complain about not having, R&D’s creativity on how to leapfrog the competition by providing solution sets to fulfill marketing and sales input, operational enhancements and improvements to fine tune the clarity of outside signals and how they need to be treated effectively inside the organization, and executive outlook on what the trends are in the areas of interest.

While this type of activity takes time, performing it using agile techniques allows for phased in and rapid roll out of deliverables to keep you the supplier of choice in your customer’s opinion.


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