Aligning executive strategy with tactical operations and supply chain management


Every organization’s mission and cultural statement proclaims their value. But do you really allow them to move your organization forward?

Perhaps the most difficult of all pieces of today’s strategy is the executive decision to allow people to bring their brains to work every day in the expectation that they will move the business collaboratively and cooperatively in alignment with the executive strategy in ways you as an executive didn’t imagine. Such is the power of synergy.

However, it isn’t easy.

Keeping the alignment and within the cultural and strategic boundaries requires constant oversight, communication, open mindedness to innovation, and foresight. While having your entire organization actively work on growing the company provides the most expansive method of gaining competitive advantage, it can also lead to devastation if not thought through thoroughly.

Not every idea that is presented should or can be acted on. Which ones are the ones to elevate?

How can we understand the risks a priori?

How can we handle all this input to the executive team?

And how do we keep everyone motivated if we are picking and choosing?

Methodology such as the Thinking Process from the Theory of Constraints can assist executives as they work through these issues.

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