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Process Improvement

Streamlined processes allowing you to do more with less provide you with competitive dexterity. They also provide the federal government with the information they seek to feel comfortable providing you with more contracts.

Processes form the backbone of the PP&C system DCMA (Defense Contract Management Agency) checks when they visit your facilities or ask for data. Your ability to create solid, repeatable processes that are flexible enough to adjust to DOD’s changing contract demands heavily weighs in your favor. Add to that your willingness to adjust processes to improve performance in a measured manner and you have a winning combination for government and commercial work.

Make sure that the processes that you document are followed. It would be better to document the processes as they are now and put in place a corrective action plan (CAP) for process improvement. The CAP will tell when which improvement will be modified, tested, adjusted, and released into day-to-day activity. This gives you additional credibility and is much better than documenting a perfect process that is not followed.

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