Aligning executive strategy with tactical operations and supply chain management

Project Management

With the speed of and customer demands on today’s supply chains, collaboration is more important than ever. Good project management practices help provide the necessary collaboration and supporting communication. Understanding which type of project management to use in what situation provides competitive advantage through speed to successful completion.

First, clear communication plans are important. Make sure the traditional RACI entries (Responsible, Accountable, Consulting, and Information) are kept up to date so that people can get access to decisions and insight quickly. People may be internal or external to your organization, which means you’ll also need to make sure who has administrative privileges to discuss what and move data how. In addition to names, you’ll want to include functional areas/departments/groups that handle the specific pieces – especially since the people in specific positions change over time.

Project Management also needs conflict resolution tools. Match the tool to the type of people it will be used with. For logic based activity such as supply chain and operations, make sure it is a logic based tool such as the Evaporating Cloud (also called Conflict Resolution Tool) found in the Thinking Process of the Theory of Constraints.

This tool provides for visual, audio, kinesthetic, and interactive cooperative learning from various cross-functional areas as problems are worked through. Interestingly enough, while the symptoms may point to people or decision making, at least 80% of the time the root causes are in existing processes and policy that has become outdated and are hindering your project performance.

Process & Strategy has been training businesses in conflict resolution to eliminate policy and process conflict for over 15 years. Each time, the cross functional participants are amazed at not only what is uncovered, but the tight solution set focus that results. If you would like to learn logic based conflict resolution or insight into project management practices, please contact Process & Strategy Solutions