Aligning executive strategy with tactical operations and supply chain management

Supply Chain Management

Do I have Supply Chains?

Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management are relatively new phrases to the operations world. However, knowing what they are in your business is a key part of aligning operations, processes, and strategy.

And just like demand planning and scheduling, there is an aggregate view and a detailed view, each having a purpose at different levels of your organization.

Problems come in when you look at each customer as a unique supply chain. It may be nice to think that way, but it is not scalable – unless you are a large defense contractor with only a few government buyers. Instead, you need to figure out the commonalities between the methods you use to service your customers, the markets they are in, the customers themselves, the operational requirements customer service puts on you, etc. From all of this, you will begin to figure out what exactly are your supply chains.

Now it’s time for the metrics.

Supply chain alignment improves speed to market and enables business transformation.


Process & Strategy has helped businesses identify their supply chains and the business opportunities that using those supply chains effectively will allow. And while there are no “standard” metrics for supply chain performance, we help you create a set of metrics customized to the customer experience you are committed to providing.

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