Aligning executive strategy with tactical operations and supply chain management


Organizational alignment requires a structured approach to pulling strategy through to operations. The methodology to do this has changed dramatically over the past few years and has often left tactical managerial teams guessing at exactly what executives want from the organizational strategy.

Companies can build in business sustainability by having a robust process to move strategy through to the tactical team. Tactical teams are not just empowered, but required, to develop the tactical translation of the strategy, incorporate boundary conditions for performance, and move the newly developed tactical strategy into the operational areas. Supply chains become much more than a means of moving products and services to customers. These items are essential since the tactical managerial teams are the agents for translating strategy into actionable reality.

Just like the strategy to tactical move, clear knowledge of what is expected why is required without removing the operational teams’ ability to create solution sets to the problems and proposed business platforms. Tactical metrics that aggregate operational metrics in meaningful ways are then built to support the strategic KPIs to provide organizational activity alignment as those solution sets are implemented.

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