Aligning executive strategy with tactical operations and supply chain management


Coaching and mentoring are usually embedded in consulting work and are not separated out.

Teleseminars and Workshops

Virtual workshops/teleseminars for companies of all sizes

Workshops and teleseminars are based on current trends and industry need. Pricing varies depending on the skill sets to be developed. Notification of workshop/teleseminar events can be found on the Process & Strategy LinkedIn Company page and will also be sent out through company notices.

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Conflict Resolution

Based on the Theory of Constraints, a facilitated session results in breaking down a business conflict to its root causes. These are usually process and policy based, although the symptoms usually manifest as intra-organizational conflict and substandard performance results. Participants come from all areas of the company affected by the conflict so that full analysis is achieved. A prioritized project list to resolve the issue is created to remove the issue. A common result is vastly improved communication across functional lines. The facilitated session takes from 4 – 6 hours to fully work through the issue.


Formal training in how to establish a hierarchy of metrics that supports your supply chain functioning and organizational alignment. Training supports consulting work and can be embedded into it as the company proceeds through the consulting activity. SCOR is considered a best practice in supply chain excellence for both internal and external supply chains and Supply Chain Management. Three day in-house offering taught by Dr. Cynthia Kalina-Kaminsky


Strategic supply chain professional certification training. In-house training allows for customization of examples to the sponsoring company. Participants can work on existing initiatives as part of the coursework. Training has a two part focus: first is an immediate impact on day-to-day activity, second is preparation for the 4-hour certification exam. Participants who pass obtain their globally recognized Certified Supply Chain Professional certification. The course is usually 30 hours in length.