Aligning executive strategy with tactical operations and supply chain management



It is not what we want it to be.

It’s what the customer decides it should be.

It’s also what our supply chain partners decide it should be.

Branding and image define who we are. Both should be directly linked to your cultural statement. This eliminates confusion and helps customers and supply chain partners understand what to expect.


Clearly enunciated value helps to move organizations from transactional procurement to long-term relationships with suppliers who can help meet your customer’s changing demands. Movement from transactional activity (seven steps of acquisition) to long term relationships is prized in Lean organizations. Your long term partners know what to expect and what value they are required to help support.

Value is found in careful parsing of data; big data that is no longer categorized a priori but is instead mined to determine what characteristics potential customers and potential supply chain partners share.

While the need for customer value is clear, why supply chain partners? Because if cultures align, then processes can align much easier, strategies are aligned more quickly, and work to establish trust can be begun more rapidly since everyone is aligned before you even begin.

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